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Training - Education - Courses - Workshops

Professional Training Opportunities

At LingoNannies, you're more than just a placement to us. We invest in your success by offering to help you find the best professional training to improve your skills and develop your professional career.
The support with professional development strategies and training suggestions is part of what makes LingoNannies so very special.

Training and education, courses and workshops are very important for nannies and professional help in the residence of a family and always raise great interest.

Courses can vary from basic one or two day courses on CPR and First Aid to three year full time college courses and even Degree courses in Child Care, Early Years Education and Development and Nutrition or Maternity Nurse Training as well as language courses or courses in self defence for the safety of children and the nanny when out and about. It is imperative for a nanny or domestic employee to understand Autistic children, Developmental Delay, Games to Encourage Speech, Preparing for Preschool
Creative Play, Cooking with Kids, Behavior Principles and Strategies Dealing with Seizures.

At LingoNannies we try to help our candidates to find the best available training for the benefit of nannies, families and their unique children. On the next few pages we would like to offer more information on accredited and highly recommended institutions offering excellent and valuable training and outstanding level of services to meet the requirements of most candidates looking forward to increase knowledge and expertise in childcare and to gain more experience and professionalism.
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