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How we can help you

Nannies often turn to our experienced consultants at LingoNannies for assistance with finding a child care position at a private residence of a family. We are always working for many families and have many different and interesting position available to recommend. These vacancies include positions for governesses, nannies, nanny housekeepers, housekeepers, estate managers, butlers, cooks, chefs and drivers.
We are confident that we will be able to assist you in an efficient and professional manner. During an initial interview we will help you to identify the positions that best suit your interests, qualifications, skills, experience, salary requirements and preferred location. We then will be in constant communication with you to arrange possible interviews for you until you are happily starting your new and exciting challenge with a lovely family.
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As an additional service we arrange nanny groups to help you meet other childcare or domestic professionals in your area, e.g. for playdates, to make it easier for you to start your new challenge with a new family and position knowing we at LingoNannies are always here for you with advice and service.

As a rule we do not charge nannies or candidates looking for new employment for our placement assistance.

At LingoNannies we match carefully your valuable skills with lovely families and we are confident we will be able to help you to find a perfect position for you to enjoy your exciting next challenge with a lovely family and to start happily.

We would like to invite you by registering with us to experience the personal attention we give to everyone who engages with us. Please click here to register with us.