You've Always Got Time For A Distinguished Nanny

Steps To Employ The Perfect Nanny

To begin the assessment for your perfect nanny or ideal domestic employee one of our experienced consultants will discuss the position you are offering and ask you a number of important questions to understand the unique requirements of your family regarding the new nanny or domestic employee.

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The Family & Nanny and Family & Domestic Employee matching has commenced and a constant review of both family requirements and nanny profiles and domestic employee profiles unveil the compatibility of family and nanny or domestic employee to ensure the lasting synergy of family and nanny or domestic employee for the benefit of the family, the children and the employee. LingoNannies Nannies eliminates around 95% of all candidates who apply, thus saving our clients and families hours of wasted time. Candidate applications are initially screened for qualifications and experience.
Candidate applications are initially screened for qualifications and experience. After an in-person interview of the candidate with one of our consultants and meticulous reference checking the names and information of only those candidates best suitable for the unique position you are offering are referred to you and your family.
Your personal consultant will contact you to review and to discuss the profiles with you have received and to arrange possible interviews for you.
We recommend second interviews with the most promising candidates. This second visit allows you to watch and assess candidates during a working interview. Once a decision has been made and an offer of employment has been extended your personal consultant will email you further details and documentation regarding the candidate, e.g. copy of passport and Enhanced CRB Certificate. The final decision to hire or be hired is made by you and the candidate respectively. LingoNannies will help you and support you on the way.
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We will provide guidance on drafting the nanny contract and will also refer you to a payroll tax experts. Once an employment relationship is established, LingoNannies makes available ongoing support and assistance to both clients and nannies during the term of employment.

At LingoNannies we handselect carefully candidates with valuable skills in childcare available for you and your family. We would like to invite you by registering with us to experience the personal attention we give to everyone who engages with us. Please click here to register with us.