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Nanny Assessment

It is the aim of every professional nanny to perform all of her duties you have discussed and she has agreed to perform to the best of her ability. However, it is important for every employer to plan the duties and responsibilities according to your and your family's priorities.

If your nanny or nanny housekeeper has a long list of daily tasks in addition to caring
for your children such as cooking, picking up the dry cleaning, and running many errands for you during the day, she will have a harder time tending to the most important task at hand – caring for your children.

Considering the daily timetable of your nanny or nanny housekeeper and comparing the duties of your nanny or nanny housekeeper with your and your family's priorities will help your nanny or nanny housekeeper to accomplish her main responsibility truly well, given her role as caretaker of your children.

If you as a family have the requirement for various additional duties and responsibilities to be performed by your nanny or nanny housekeeper in addition to assisting with caring for your children, but also have an infant and a young child in the care of your nanny or nanny housekeeper, considering to hiring a separate person to take care of household duties often is an ideal solution for most families to make sure your children are always safe, happy, and healthy which the main priority of a nanny.

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Typical responsibilities of a Nanny:

When hiring a nanny or nanny housekeeper being clear about her responsibilities is very important.
While nanny responsibilities may vary a little from family to family, the basics remain the same.
Typically nanny responsibilities include everything that correlates to the care and wellbeing of your children.
This can include preparing meals for your children, dressing your children, plan and attend activities and playgroups, providing mental stimulation and supporting the talents of your children as well as doing laundry for your children and maintaining a fun and playful environment considering that your children are always safe and happy, but still see the nanny as a professional educator and caring friend.

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