You've Always Got Time For A Distinguished Nanny

Hiring an experienced nanny - Childcare benefits for families

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Home Environment

Daycare: It is difficult enough to get your children up in the morning, dressed and fed and still be out the door with enough effort to make it to work on time. Add to that all of items you need to remember to send to daycare with your child. Diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothes, and favorite toys – you are bound to forget something in the hustle and bustle of the morning.

Nanny: Your Nanny comes to you! You never have to worry about leaving your child’s favourite blanket behind, or not making it to the daycare center before they close. You choose what time your nanny comes to your home in the morning, and what time she leaves in the evening. Everything the nanny needs to properly care for your child is within an arm's reach!

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Undivided Attention

Daycare: We all know that preschool teachers can be fantastic and that they would provide each child with the personalised one on one attention they deserve if they were able to. Unfortunately, this is most certainly out of the realm of possibilities for classrooms with such a high student to teacher ratio.
Nanny: Your nanny will be able to spend quality one on one time with your child each and every day! Everything your nanny does with your child will be individualised to his or her specific likes and dislikes. Whether your children want to sing, colour, bake cookies, or play make-believe, your nanny will be make sure they receive the quality care they deserve!

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Daycare: Classrooms at daycare facilities can often consist of 25+ children at any given time, allowing them to provide your child with the individualised attention they may need. All of the child’s daily activities are pre-planned, leaving no room for suggestions or requests.

Nanny: You are able to determine exactly what activities you would like your child to experience through the course of the day. Your nanny can focus on key areas that your child may need extra help with such as their ABC’s, please and thank you, and even potty training!

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Outdoor Activities

Daycare: The teacher/child ratio at daycare is quite frankly not enough to protect your child from the common bruise, bump, or bite. A daycare centre's only option to ensure the children are safe is to limit the amount of time they are allowed outside on play equipment. Most activities are designed to take place indoors and are often very limited in physical activity.

Nanny: One of the greatest advantages of a having a nanny that comes to your home is the flexibility that comes with it! Your nanny can arrange many different activities for your children to partake in. Weather it is a trip to the local park, a visit to the local zoo, or a play date with a neighbour, your nanny can arrange and transport your child to all of these activities!

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Sibling Interaction

Daycare: Unfortunately in the daycare environment, siblings are almost always split up into different classrooms. The daycare obviously has the children’s safety in mind, and is determined to ensure that each childcare receives the proper amount of supervision. With this being the case, your children may very well be in the same building and never see each other over the course of the day.

Nanny: Having a nanny come to your home to care for your children allows them to spend the day interacting, learning, and growing with their siblings! This substantially increases the bond they have and promotes healthy relationships within the family unit!

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Helping with Homework

Daycare: While children enjoy being able to run around and play games with 20 of their closest daycare friends, as parents we know that it would be much more advantageous for them to be spending time on homework. Daycare centres just do not have the capability to help all of their students with their homework, inevitably leaving the task for Mom and Dad to struggle with at the end of the day.

Nanny: It can be extremely difficult to juggle a professional career and all of the work that goes along with a school age child. There is always an assignment that needs to be completed, a meeting that needs to be attended, or a fundraiser that needs volunteers. It can be extremely overwhelming to try and keep track of everything! Your nanny can be a tremendous help in this matter! She can help the children with their homework when they come home from school so when your work day is over, you can concentrate on spending quality time with your children. She can also help with managing meetings and projects so you know exactly what is happening at all times!

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Daycare: Do you cringe every time your child’s daycare calls you at work? Of Course! And with good reason! Your employer may not appreciate you needing to run out the door at a moment’s notice to pick up your son or daughter because they have a fever or the sniffles! Daycare centres just do not have the staff to support caring for children who are sick. And so inevitably, you will need to drop everything and run to pick them up.

Nanny: As parents, we want to comfort and cuddle our children when they aren’t feeling well. Sometimes, as professional parents, this just is not possible. A nanny can be your stand in ‘mommy’ when you have to go to work while your child is feeling 'yucky'! Your nanny will know exactly how to handle your child’s illness and will provide plenty of pampering along the way!

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Updates and Communication

Daycare: Because of the overwhelming number of children in each classroom at daycare facilities, parents do not have the opportunity to call in during the day to receive an update or to talk to their child. It would be very disruptive to the class if parents were constantly calling to speak to their children or teachers.

Nanny: Children get so excited when Mom or Dad calls them to see how their day is going! Your nanny will be accessible at all times during the day, giving you the option of calling and speaking to your children at any time. Interested in your child’s reaction to a specific activity that day? Call them and ask! You have the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that your children are just a phone call away!

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Relaxing Vacation Time

Daycare: Daycare will often charge you for your child’s “spot” while you and your family go on vacation, causing you to have to pay for childcare services that you are not utilising.

Nanny: Have you ever wished for an extra set of hands while on vacation? I think we all have! Imagine being able to have a nanny accompany you on vacation to help ensure that everyone is having a good time. She can keep the children occupied while you and your spouse spend some quality alone time together, or just be an extra set of eyes to keep an eye on your children in the swimming pool or at the beach - how nice!